Here are the most common questions we run into. If you have any others, feel free to contact us.

Do I need these services before an architect?

Architects can cost thousands of dollars. We can answer questions before you sign a lease to see if getting the building up to code is going to cost more than you can afford and for a fraction of the cost.

What kind of information will I need to have to get started?

Nothing is required but some things are very helpful and will shorten the process considerably. If you have the blueprints for the building, that will be the most helpful. Other things that may be needed are the type of business you want or are doing, any remodels or additions, and the total square feet of the building. We can work with whatever you have though so don't let this disparage you.

I am being sued for ADA violations. Is there a need to have an evaluation now?

Yes. There is still a need to have your facility reviewed with a plan of action to follow and on file. One will be requested by the judge.

I am starting a small office, less than 3000 square feet. Do I need your services?

Most likely no. Typically a small office of retail space doesn't require a lot to be code compliant. Other uses, such as surgical offices, day cares, or bar type uses may require additional things and we can help with those.

Will I be charged if there is really no need for a consultation?

No, not at all. We ask a few basic questions before setting up any appointments and we will advise you if our services are truly needed.

The Fire Marshal is coming to visit and our facility hasn't had fire door inspections since it opened. Will I be fined?

Most likely no, but there is no way to gauge what an AHJ will do. Most facilities are unaware of their obligations and as long as you start taking care of them, they will offer leniency.